Making Your City More Social


ASNED studies the world’s best cities to learn how they developed a diverse and widely attractive Social Scene. Upon request, we draw upon these insights to boost footfall in cities across the UK.


The best cities in the world all have one thing in common. They have a great Social Scene – venues and events of all shapes and sizes, great food, drinks, live music, club nights, film screenings, stage shows, festivals and exhibitions. And they have the right support for venues and events: the right street design, transport, licensing and policing, community engagement and marketing.

A city’s Social Scene is the heart and soul of the city. As such, its Social Scene is vital to its success. Get it right and the city will be popular weekdays and weekends, day and night. It will draw students and visitors, attract businesses, support retail and culture, boost economic growth and job creation, provide social opportunities for all ages and interests and improve quality of life.

But how do you get it right? It’s simple really. You learn from the best cities in the world! For more than a decade, ASNED has studied cities from Sevilla to San Francisco exploring how they have developed a great Social Scene. With these insights, we’re able to work with organisations across the UK, helping to make their cities more social, more diverse and more attractive to more people more often.